MADAC (Malaysian Dairy Corporation) focuses on developing Malaysian Dairy Industry by developing and executing programs and solutions that works. Our business model is focuses on

  1. Low-cost production models that leverages on producing agricultural outputs at the most competitive approaches; 

  2. Utilizing innovative methods and processes for creation of new and sustainable wealth;

  3. Collaborative enterprises in ensuring integration of vertical supply chains for achieving maximum efficiency; and

  4. Leveraging on national strengths for competitive strengths which include multi-racial and multi-national possibilities.

Since its inception, MADAC is operated by experienced business practitioners. Because of its industry endorsed business model, MADAC is enjoying support from several industry leaders into executing its objectives.

It’s CEO and Co-Founder Rahmat Ismail has been working in various industries since 1991. Although trained as An Aerospace Engineering, he decided to begin his career as a Sales Engineer in Oil and Gas. Subsequent to the Oil and Gas sector, he moved on to join most interesting industry of Business Investing or also known as Venture Capital in 1994 where he evaluates, invests and coaches promising companies for 14 years. He later joined Technology Commercialization Industry in year 2007 before setting up MADAC in 2011.

Rahmat later recruited several industry experts into his team which includes En Zulkarnain & En Fazrul as Veterinarians and formed collaboration with UPM (University Putra Malaysia) under leadership of Dr Faez who is an expert in Cattle Healthcare and Dairying.